Crowdlending: participatory credit as a financing solution

Participatory credit, or crowdlending, is an alternative to the “classic” bank loan and allows you to benefit from cash simply without having to involve your bank. Specialized in new financing solutions for SMEs, we help you finance your activity!

Keep your banking relationship intact with crowdlending

Keep your banking relationship intact with crowdlending

By using crowdlending, the loan amount is not granted by your bank, but by a network of investors . On your side, you keep intact the relationship maintained with your bank and benefit from a loan with interesting conditions:

  • Amount : You benefit from a credit limit that is often greater than what can be offered by your bank.
  • Refund : 12 to 60 months depending on your preferences.
  • Interest rate : determined according to the risk class, but in principle also see more advantageous than banks usually offer.

Our services

Our services

Active on the market for more than 20 years , we offer our clients modern financing alternatives such as crowdlending that make it possible to avoid banks. Does your business need cash? Through our agency, you benefit:

  • A neutral council leading to proposals tailored to your needs
  • A financing alternative with or without banks
  • From a global support of your file: we take care of the steps!

Example: participatory credit of 150,000 USD

Example: participatory credit of 150,000 USD

A company active in the import and export of specialized medical equipment needs an additional budget of 150’000 USD. Thanks to our services, the latter can for example benefit from a participatory credit in a simple and fast way :

  • Interest rate from 3.0%
  • Refund on 12 – 60 months
  • Administrative procedures supported by us

As an indication, such an example represents a monthly cost (reimbursement and interest included) of between 2’693.- and 2’823.- for a rate of 3% to 5%.

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