New Uzbek Latin Alphabet (1995)

by Mark Dickens

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To view the Cyrillic characters on this page, you will need to download the Panda Times UZ font

A a
À à
a as in cat
P p
Ï ï
p as in pop
B b
Á á
b as in bat[1]
Q q
Š š
back k[2]
D d
Ä ä
d as in dog[3]
R r
Ð ð
rolled r[4]
E e
Å å, Ý ý
e as in get[5]
S s
Ñ ñ
s as in sat
F f
Ô ô
f as in fat
T t
Ò ò
t as in tap
G g
à ã
g as in get[6]
U u
Ó ó
oo as in cool*
H h
 
h as in hat
V v
v as in vat
È è
i as in it[7]
X x
Õ õ
ch as in Bach[8]
J j
Æ æ
j as in jug
Y y
É é
y as in yes
K k
Ê ê
k as in keep
Z z
Ç ç
z as in zip
L l
Ë ë
l as in leap
O’ o’
Œ œ
u as in put*[9]
Ì m
Ì ì
m as in man
G’ g’
F 
like French r
N n
Í í
n as in name
Sh sh
Ø ø
sh as in ship
O o
Î î
o as in cop[10]
Ch ch
× ÷
ch as in chat

Ú ú
lengthens vowels

Old Cyrillic Letters Not Represented in Latin Script

Yo yo
¨ ¸
yaw as in yawn

Ts ts[11]
Ö ö
ts as in cats
Yu yu
Þ þ
yu as in you
Ù ù
shch as in fresh cheese
Ya ya
ß ÿ
ya as in yam

* denotes approximate sound in English (actual vowel sounds are slightly different)

[1] Often sounds like p at the end of a word.
[2] Phonetic q.
[3] Often sounds like t at the end of a word.
[4] Like a Scottish rolled r.
[5] The two Cyrillic letters that have been replaced by Latin "E e" had different sounds in a word initial position: Cyrillic "Å å" had the sound ye as in yet at the beginning of words, whereas "Ý ý" always had only the sound e as in get, whether or not it was at the beginning of a word.
[6] Often sounds like k at the end of a word.
[7] This is always a lax (short) vowel, as in it never a tense vowel or diphthong, as in ice.
[8] German pronunciation.
[9] This letter actually represents two sounds in some dialects; the other sound is au as in caught (British pronunciation).
[10] Only sounds like o in vote in a Russian loan word.
[11] This sound, found only in Russian loan words, is sometimes rendered as just S s in Latin script (the first Latin alphabet of 1993 used C c).
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